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OEM Font Licensing

Besides our on-line font sales (DynaShop) and retail font packs to our font end users, DynaComware also offers a variety of OEM Font Licenses to meet the need of our global customers.

From our extensive Asian (Japanese; Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese) fonts library, we have licensed our fonts for various font usages including

  • Corporate Font License
  • Application Server Font License
  • Game Font License
  • Hardware & Software Developer Font License

Our font services also include Custom Font in which either modifications to our existing font or a completely new font designed for a particular requirement. These includes

  • Bitmap fonts
  • Full Outline TrueType or OpenType fonts
  • Stroke-based and Radical-based solutions

In the past few years, we have extended our font services to cover non-Asian fonts and provide an one-stop font service to our customer globally.

Please contact us to learn more about how DynaComware can help you with our font solutions for your requirement.

Email: oem_sales@dynacw.com
Phone: (852) 2866-3560
Fax: (852) 2865-3308

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