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Product Preview

DynaComware has released the first DynaFonts retail pack specially designed for the North American users. We have included both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese fonts in the pack. To ensure the portability of the fonts between English and Chinese Windows, only the English font names are used. We have also added one certified GB18030 FangSong type face for those users who might have frequent communications with their customers in China. For better local supports and marketing of this new retail pack, we have appointed Alestron Inc. as the exclusive master distributor for this pack in North America. From the comments and suggestions of our users, we will issue additional font packs with Alestron for the North American users in the near future.

Key features of the new font pack:

* DynaFonts-AZ-28 includes 20 Traditional Chinese and 8 Simplified Chinese typefaces.

* Both Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese typefaces are in Unicode encoding.

* The characters in all Simplified Chinese typefaces follow the GB2312 standard.

* There is a built-in proportional English font in each typeface.

* The characters in all Tranditional Chinese typefaces follow the BIG-5 standard

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