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Dyna Bitmap Font

As early as in the mid 90's, DynaFonts have already been chosen by Microsoft and Apple to be the system font in their respective Chinese operating systems. The high quality DynaFonts are now widely used in document processing and professional publishing in many large corporations and by personal users. With our team of experience expert behind it, DynaComware devotee a significant resources to the development of high quality Bitmap Font.

Today, DynaComware offers high quality Chinese bitmap fonts that widely used in electronic devices that use small or large LCD screen, whether it's a cellular phone, IP phone, setop box, digital organizer (PDA), digital camera, MP3 player, handheld GPS unit, printer or electronic diagnostics device. We provide Chinese bitmap font (Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese), Japanese, Korean, Arabian and international language in Unicode or international Encode. DynaComware supplies a whole range of bitmap sizes such as 11X12、13X14、15X15、15X16、24X24 and customer-made any size for your devices. Simplified Chinese bitmap fonts are available with GB-2312-80, GB-13000 and GB-18030-2000 standards. Traditional Chinese bitmap standard are available in BIG5 Encoding with full set of HKSCS-4818 characters. We also provide SJIS and KSC encoding in a different format when appropriate.

1. National Standard Bitmap font

According to “ The People's Republic of China Law of Standard” and regulations issued by China Government, China National Information Technology Standardization Technical committee to deal with the technology transfer of the Standard Chinese Ideograph Data Sets, on behalf of China Government.
China National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee authorized DynaComware Shanghai Limited (our Shanghai Branch) to deal with the National Standard Bitmap font technology transfer. The Committee will issue a Certification to the manufacturer who has the right of use the font data in the product developed by the manufacturer.
2. BIG-5, HKSCS Bitmap font
We have full set of Traditional Chinese bitmap (BIG-5) font with Hong Kong Special Characters Set (HKSCS). We provide whole range of bitmap sized starting from 9x9 , 11x11, 12x12 to 16x16 which are typical for use in small LCD display and other larger sizes such as 24x24 and 48x48 for monitor screen. We provide different typeface such as Hei Medium , MingLight, Kai.
3. Japanese, Korean, Arabian and international language Bitmap font

We also provide International Language bitmap font to best fit your application.

  • We offer JIS, KSC, and Unicode;
  • Multiple file formats (binary, DAT, RTF, BDF, BMP and more….)

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