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GB18030 Standard

After months of development and verifications, DynaComware Beijing had acquired the certificates of GB18030 font compliance from the China Government on July 25, 2001. All our four GB18030 font faces, including "Song", "Hei", "FangSong" and "Kai", have been passed the national standard compliance. Nowadays, we have included some of these GB18030 fonts into our retail font packs and they are commonly used in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and North America.

Before the release of GB18030, most of us only used the GB2312 standard. However, there are only 6,000+ Simplified Chinese characters in GB2312. It is absolutely not good enough for the document communications between China and outside world. The GB18030 standard includes more than 27,484 Chinese characters. It covers both the Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters on one single platform, this should definitely solve the conversion problems between the GB and BIG5 encodings. China is now a member of the WTO, the GB18030 standard is a must tool for all foreign business partners to enter this big glowing market, the China market.

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