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Windows OpenType Fonts

DynaComware introduces the latest format and high quality Chinese OpenType fonts with the innovation in technology and strictest quality standard《DynaFont OpenType H.K. Edition》。

The new OpenType includes highly acclaim DynaFonts and many new stylish Chinese typefaces。The new OpenType meets the need of users in Hong Kong area as it includes 108 Traditional Chinese fonts and 26 GB5 Simplified Chinese fonts encoded in Unicode standard and support Hong Kong SAR Government Common Chinese Interface and Hong Kong Supplementary Characters Set HKSCS-2001。

DynaFont OpenType HK Edition is specially for professionals in the Art Design and Desktop Publishing industry as even the smallest characters is displayed  clearly and smoothly in both the screen and the printout。


Standard Package

specially for users in Hong Kong as all characters are encoded in  Unicode standard,and supports Hong Kong SAR Government HKSCS-2001。

single user license is available


specially for the user to create electronic document and font could be embedded into  Acrobat (PDF) and DynaDoc (WDL) 。

System Requirements/Application Software

Pentium II CPU or above PC computer

Windows 2000 / XP Operating System

32 MB or above memory  (64 MB or above recommended)

CD-ROM Drive

Each font takes about 4 MB ~ 19 MB  hard disk space
(134 fonts take about 1.5 GB hard disk space)

 Application software support OpenType format 。
For example:Adobe PhotoShop 6 / 7 / CS, Illustrator 9 / 10 / CS,
PageMaker 6.5 / 7, InDesign 2.1 / CS, Microsoft Office 2000 / XP / 2003 etc.

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