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OpenType Fonts 161 - Product Details

OpenType includes the font data for printing and display without using bitmap for display。OpenType display more clearly on screen for small characters compared with TrueType and it is more smooth for large characters.


All the characters adopt the Unicode encoding standard and support Hong Kong SAR Government Chinese Common User Interface and Hong Kong Supplementary Characters Set HKSCS-2004.


The file created in the Windows platform with the OpenType fonts could be opened in MAC platform under the same application software environment with accurate display.


DynaFont OpenType 161 HK Edition built-in PostScript best quality font information for high quality output without back-end PostScript font。You could achieve maximum efficiency output if back-end PostScript font is used.


All the typefaces come with English characters of the same style as the Chinese characters and with Proportional spacing for best page setting effect.



Hong Kong has a lot of glyphs writing different from the glyphs in existing computer and DynaComware modify the glyphs according to Hong Kong glyphs to meet the needs of users in Hong Kong.


GB5 Simplified Chinese fonts help users to convert documents from Traditional Chinese characters to Simplified Chinese characters to solve the problem of document exchange with mainland China.



Users could freely choose similar characters or symbol in the OpenType font with the tools in Adobe InDesign .


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