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WebPro Studio Hong Kong Edition

Most web designer do not use many fonts is because that they don't know what fonts are available in client browsers. So most web designer just use simple system font. Also, the Gaiji (the characters not present in local computer) problem is also another headache for web designers.
 DynaWebFont can generate the fonts that go with the web pages; in this way the client browser can show the fonts as intended.
 DynaWebFont will analysis the font usage of the HTML files, retrieves the necessary fonts and generate the necessary fonts file, that is so called .EOT file. In this way, the client browser can show the fonts correctly. It need Microsoft IE 5.5 and above.

DynaWebFont Features
* Enable web pages to show multiple fonts and Gaiji (characters not in client system)
  You can set the fonts come with package and client browser can display it, the client browser does not need to install any fonts, including Gaiji.
*High speed processing many HTML pages at once.
 You can do one HTML file at a time, add more HTML pages or add whole directory at once。
*DynaWebFont only embedded the fonts used in the page, so the files are small.
 Only the characters used in HTML files are embedded, resulting in very small .eot files
*Enter web address to secure your fonts not be used by other website.
*You don't need to change your workflow, easy to use
 Simple user interface, only 2 steps, easy to learn and understand.
System Requirement
OS: Windows 2000、XP
Font: DynaWebFont
Other: DynaDoc Reader
Client Machine
  Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 or above

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