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What is Corn Soup? 

DynaLab develops Corn Soup with a focus on serving seniors. Corn Soup service platform makes it easy for the seniors to enter the field of technology services with a simple,

easy-to-use page.

Communication Cooperation

Communicate with Corn Soup to provide more services in the same length of time.


Control the IoT application with Corn Soup.

Smart Home

Integrate IOT and remote service systems.

Health Care System

Corn Soup provides integrated services to work with hospitals, clinics, social workers and caregivers. E-commerce and service platforms are also available.



Corn Soup provide a new form of e-learning.

Music Therapy and Support System

Corn Soup can be used for music therapy and support people.

Electronic Government

Users can use electronic government application systems.

Electronic Banking

Use Corn Soup for a better

e-banking experience.

Our services include...

VIP Medical Consultation //

 Weather Information //

Financial Management // 

Entertainment // Education // 

Social Network Exchange...

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