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Corn Soup Applications during COVID-19 


The Corn Soup platform is a multimedia service platform that provides users with personalized audio, video, and text. It provides exclusive information, reminders, and services for different needs. At the same time, service personnel can take advantage of Corn Soup's VIP video functions for real-time interactive care. One of the main goals of the Corn Soup platform is health promotion. Dynalab hopes that during the global crisis, we can contribute to epidemic prevention work and help the public to maintain healthily.

Through a unique and personalized service platform such as Corn Soup, we hope to help achieve the following goals in epidemic prevention:

  1. Use the video call feature to verify that the quarantine ’s whereabouts meet regulatory requirements.

  2. Establish an excellent COVID-19 medical information service platform and introduce hospital and clinic connections.

  3. Assist in managing the physical and mental health of home-isolated citizens.

  4. Diversified platforms enable home isolation people to have a good quality of life.

  5. Sign a cooperation contract with different units, access various materials, and improve medical information such as epidemic prevention.

  6. Assist medical units to disseminate the correct information to the users who need it.

  7. Promote post-epidemic economic recovery.


Support applications for related organization management

As far as the administration is concerned, the most worry is whether the public will receive incorrect information. With Corn Soup's audio, video, and text push notification, it can effectively and accurately convey administrative tasks, new government information, or major event announcements. Corn Soup's online real-time video function allows users to grasp timely communication and get professional assistance as soon as possible. Also, for the administration, they can check that the home quarantine people are really at home.

Home quarantine users

Home quarantine users can prevent the home quarantine people from depressed through the exclusive information, correct home quarantine instructions, and entertainment videos provided by Corn Soup. Corn Soup's professional customer service, such as social workers, medical staff, or medical students, can use video functions to communicate with users face-to-face to pay attention and guide positive psychological activities to avoid being depressed. Through project-based processing, Corn Soup provides the most accurate information and reminders for quarantines in different situations.

Healthcare users, clinical service applications,
cooperation with foreign medical institutions

For healthcare professionals, in addition to integrating audiovisual and text messages on the basic media platform, Corn Soup gives them the platform to exchange professional information or instant messages on the platform! Other functions include real-time interactive care with patients using VIP function, physicians to report cases using quick functions, use Corn Soup to record patient data, and receive emergency meeting reminders related to the outbreak. Separate the public and private lives of medical staff, the circulation of epidemic information, and access to them no longer through personal mobile devices!

Application of effective mobilization of
community epidemic prevention human resources

Facing the public's community epidemic prevention training, Corn Soup's video and audio functions can be used to provide education and training in health education lectures and outreach services. They can design and organize online courses and training for both flu and epidemic prevention. In addition, the consultation service provided with the real-time video enables households to communicate with professionals and consult health education guidance for prevention.

Online Learning for Epidemic Prevention

Corn Soup has audio and video, text, and online video call functions, allow users to constantly view the learning materials, include the audio and text version. In their spare time, they can watch the video repeatedly to increase memory or understanding. At the appointed time, doctors or medical practitioners can directly solve the questions for users.

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